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Country Music News

There is a new player the Country Music News space called Country Fancast.  The site contains a lot of content on the latest, trending news and videos in the emerging country music media world.

They have three different types of content.  First, breaking news on new music releases from artists like Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, and Cam Country.   Secondly, they have great compilations of top song lists –such as the top country songs about best friend songs or best country love songs.  It always helps to have a the right list when you’re trying to find that right song for the right situation.  Lately, Country Fancast dynamically pulls in the latest, trending country music videos.  These are hard to find; however, the site include top music videos and top songs across youtube and the web.

In addition to this content, County Fancast also has a comprehensive list of all country music artists and their biographies.  Most sites include profile pages for the some 20 or 30 artists.  Country Fancast contains profile pages for hundreds of artists.  It’s easy to get caught in the rabbit hole with all this content.

Country music news is a growing genre in the media space.  This is most likely due to the growing appeal of country music. Granted, country music has expanded from it’s traditional roots to break into additional sub-genre’s, such as country -pop, country-rock, etc.  There is definitely an ever growing overlap between modern country music and the rock/pop worlds.  For us, it’s a welcoming change.  It just brings more people in the genre and makes Nashville a larger place.




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